What We Offer

Relationship Skills Coaching for Personal and Professional Life

Our coaching is individual, confidential and focuses on specific goals as articulated by the client. We typically try to provide coaching from the two of us together as we believe we can provide our clients with greater bandwidth based on our different experience and backgrounds. Drs. Ross and Jamie Ungerleider have worked together for over 20 years in this capacity and clients have expressed great appreciation and satisfaction that they feel seen, heard, understood, valued, safe and secure with this format. Occasionally, a client may find that their specific issue is best suited for one of us but we have often learned that the other of us may be able to offer an important and critical perspective.

In the past (prior to Covid) we were accustomed to coaching in person. As coaches, we are both somatically trained to be attentive to energy, body language and other factors that cannot be conveyed by telephone. As we have become more facile (due to Covid) with using zoom, we have found that zoom provides an adequate platform for coaching (although not as good as in person). Because of its convenience, particularly for clients who are located outside our immediate area, we are very happy to provide coaching by zoom at a time and date that is mutually agreed upon between us and the client.

We generally offer a preliminary session at no cost to assess whether or not we feel comfortable with the issues and to also enable both us and the client to determine if there is a good “fit” for the process. At that time, we can better determine the cost based on the issues and the amount of time we project might be needed to achieve mutually agreed upon goals.


Human Factors Consulting for Healthcare Teams

Our consulting work has many pieces and requires a thoughtful exploration of the issues, the desired outcomes, and who will be “owning” the process. In general, our consulting will usually involve aspects of teaching, coaching and on-site work.

In order to consult for your organization, we need to know the hopes and goals so that we can determine who we need to work with and which of our services will be needed.

We also provide teaching and training in the form of didactic presentations as well as limited experiential workshops to help individuals learn skills related to teamwork, conflict management, and how to better integrate the workforce into one that is Curious and Non-Judgmental, as well as Flexible, Adaptive, Coherent, Energized and Stable.